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As a Wedding Planner we help you to register your at Guruvayur and also help to book all kind of halls at reasonable cost. You are here - >Application Forms Application Forms Form Post date Attachment Hindu Memorandom & Instuctions 26 May 2011 Hindu   I am a NRI and the very next of my i have to take my flight Is there any option to get from Guruv on the  [ See rule 9(1) ] hnhmlw cPnМА sN¿p¶Xn\pЕ sat½mdmпw MEMORANDUM FOR REGISTRATION OF 1 hnhml Xo¿Xn : Date of 2 hnhml  Once the is over at Guruvayur Temple should be registered in Guruvayur with relevant documents The following documents  The Guruvayur authorities are all set to introduce the online system soon In the councilors'  19 ഏപ്രിൽ 2018 Guruvayur (also written as or Gurupavanapuri) is a municipal town in Thrissur District It lies 25 km to the north west of Thrissur City. Registration UNDER KERALA HINDU REGISTRATION RULES Municipal Corporation: : Secretary; : Secretary; Guruvayur